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Listen to Aluk Todolo’s Voix

February 2016

Listen to the fourth album by the French occult metal group

Aluk Todolo formed in France in 2004, and although the trio have released just four albums to date, their music has travelled far and wide, interpolating elements of krautrock, psychedelic rock and ritualistic repetition into black metal. Their latest work is titled Voix, but, in typically cryptic fashion, is a purely instrumental recording. Its six tracks and 43 minutes are designed as a suite, composed, they say, “as a multi-directional labyrinth with a constantly changing map".

Their previous album Occult Rock was descibed by Phil Freeman in The Wire 345 as "one of the most powerful pieces of psychedelic music since mid-1990s Fushitsusha", and Voix is reviewed in The Wire 384. Aluk Todolo opened for Faust in New York in 2009, and more recently performed at Le Guess Who festival alongside Magma, Annette Peacock and many others. The trio are due to play Moscow in March 2016. Voix is released by The Ajna Offensive/Norma Evangelium Diaboli on 5 February.


For french speakers, Aluk Todolo on Ether & Crac last week

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