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Listen to an exclusive 90 minute mix by Glasgow's Boobs Of Doom

October 2016

The Scottish doom-hop duo present a beastly mix exclusively for The Wire

Glasgow doom-hop duo Boobs Of Doom attracted considerable praise earlier this year when their seventh album (((WHITE NOISE))) lurched into earshot. A blend of dirty drones, spectral samples and pulverising beats, the album invited comparison to the likes of Sunn O))), Techno Animal, Godflesh and Mogwai.

The follow-up WOW IS DEAD is released on 30 October. It’s described by band members Sadsack and Thumper as “deeply personal” and “a concept album”. Though it will be made available free of charge, downloaders are urged to donate to one or all of the following charities: PDSA; The Scottish Association for Mental Health; Children's Hospital of Orange County; GIFT; Make A Wish.

In the meantime, the Boobs present an exclusive 90 minute mix, produced and directed exclusively for The Wire. Sadsack sets the scene:

“You have just been dumped; yr ‘friends’ drag you unwilling into the city of night in an attempt to distract you from yr broken heart; an anarchist prankster group has dowsed the city with hallucinogens; a prison riot, a mob of clandestine serial killer convention delegates and a party political conference of the FILTH spills onto the streets; there will be blood… Can you find yr one true love amidst the pandemonium? Can you survive… BEAST NIGHT!”


HEALTH “Perfect Skin”
Massive Attack “Superpredators (Mad Professor Dub)”
Kestrol “Ixtoc 1”
Protomartyr “Tarpeian Rock”
Beats Antique “The Approach”
Beastwars “Witches”
William S Burroughs & The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy “The Last Words Of Dutch Shultz (This Is Insane)”
Folk Implosion “Natural One (UNKLE mix)”
Snowbeasts “Knives”
FVNERALS “The Hours”
Sonance “Like Ghosts (excerpt)”
Khanate “Pieces Of Quiet”
Red Snapper “Crusoe Takes A Trip”
Rainer Trüby Trio “Donaueschingen (Pete Kruder mix)”
The Living Tribunal “Untitled 10”
Mouth of the Architect “A Beautiful Corpse”
Gasp “Soaked In Pish”
L'Enfant de la Forét “Amidst the Wolves”
Static Goat “Signe De La Fin”
Horseback “Luciferian Theme”
Demonic Possessor “Burrower”
Telepath “The Deluge”
Easy Star All Stars “Paranoid Android”
Equiknoxx “Lizard Of Oz”
Mr Oizo “Pourriture2”
Gestaffelstein “Opr”
Zenith Myth “Manitou”
Swans “Failure”
Boobs of DOOM “Peacebloom” (WIRE EXCLUSIVE)
Miles Davis “In A Silent Way”
Teeth of the Sea “Black Strategy”
The Body “Two Snakes”
JK FLESH “Hide & Seek”
OPPOLO “Rising”
YOB “Marrow”
///(end titles)\\\
Lovage “To Catch A Thief”
Fugazi “No Surprise”
St-Petersbourg “L'effondrement”

Boobs Of Doom are the subject of a Bite feature written by Joseph Stannard in The Wire 391. Subscribers can read it via Exact Editions

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