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Listen to Bent Duo featuring Sarah Hennies

May 2018

Members of NYC's Queer Percussion Research Group collaborate in an extended minimal performance

This piece was commissioned by Bent Duo, a group in NYC that includes pianist David Friend and percussionist Bill Solomon, founder of the Queer Percussion Research Group. The composition is shared by Sarah Hennies, the Kentucky born, New York based artist who has previously released her music via experimental labels such as Blume and Ultraviolet Light. Hennies has also founded her own imprint, Weighter Recordings, which, since 2013 has presented works by artists such as Enrico Malatesta, Tim Feeney, and others.

Sarah Hennies is featured in The Wire 412. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.


So... damn... boring...

It's just some minimal sounds strung out over time with a little variation in instrumentation. No impact, nothing interesting or special, doesn't create a space, there's no magic.

I quite like it's sparseness and subtle changes.

^ not all music is meant to be sensationalist.

It's really not that bad.

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