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May 2019

Drag racing enthusiasts Yanna Trance and John Gill are back with their first full length album in 15 years

“We wrote, recorded and cultivated the various tracks on the album over several years,” says Yanna Trance, one half of New Jersey based duo Big Stick, speaking to Edwin Pouncey in The Wire 425. “Then towards the end of the lengthy process, we became a bit more aggressive and concentrated, and accelerated in the pursuit of mixing, mastering and assembling enough material for a full length Big Stick album to share with the world. Much like the winged cicada bugs, we too have surfaced again after a long incubation period of sorts.”

Despite the long pause, much like the duo's previous releases, LP incorporates Big Stick's love of drag racing, which the couple say has become part of their “psychological make-up”. The band spend much of their time at the race track recording sounds and interviews, which are then manipulated and incorporated alongside Trance's percussion, Gill's guitar and the pair's vocals.

LP is released by Drag Racing Underground on 14 June. Read Edwin Pouncey's interview with Big Stick in full in The Wire 425, available soon. Subscribers will be able to access the article via the online archive.


Oh freaking yes!!! One of the greatest bands of all time and still sounding shit hot. Excellent.

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