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Listen to Dale Cornish & Phil Julian live at London's Cafe Oto

March 2017

“It’s not Whitehouse definitely!” OTORoku release Dale Cornish & Phil Julian’s 6.2.17

Cafe Oto's live label have added to their collection with a new release from Dale Cornish & Phil Julian. Having previously released on The Tapeworm with 2014's Two Warhol’s Worth as well as its sublabel The Wormhole with 2016's Laughing Out, the pair’s new disc comprises a set of new music.

The label's release notes take up the story: “It marks possibly the only time we’ve seen proper heckling in OTO’s usually library quiet atmos,” they explain, referencing the audience banter throughout the performance. “‘It’s not Whitehouse definitely!’ a blogger shouts from the crowd. ‘What is mate, what is? Oh sorry darling, you can fuck off if you want,’ Cornish retorts. ‘I’m getting paid, you’ve paid – work out that fucking economy yeah?’”

6.2.17 was recorded on 6 February 2017 by Shaun Crook and mixed by James Dunn and mastered by Phil Julian. It features Dale Cornish on vocals and Phil Julian on electronics and comes as one uninterrupted 23 minute set. You can listen to the first three tracks of the seven track release here, which you can also buy the over at Cafe Oto's website.

Full tracklist:

1. “Role” (0:00-3:11)

2. “Exhibition” (3:11-5:43)

3. “Chairs” (5:43-9:33)

4. “Language Is A Nuisance” (9:33-12:33)

5. “Part Human” (12:33-16:14)

6. “Chip Shop” (16:14-19:45)

7. “Laughing Out” (19:45-end)

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