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Listen to JG Biberkopf's new release

November 2016

Stream the Lithuanian producer's second official collection Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess, out on 11 November via Knives

Gediminas Žygus aka JG Biberkopf was brought up in Vilnius in Lithuania, and this is his second official recording to date. Released on British producer Kuedo’s Knives label, it follows the 2015 EP Ecologies and includes a series of manipulated field recordings made in his Lithuanian home. "Music to me was a reaction to the social environment," he explains, "creating a voice, a reaction to being overwhelmed and not being able to change anything."

Steph Kretowicz remarks in her review for The Wire 393 that "each sampled element is polished and presented in a cluster, an HD tableau that hums with anticipation. Titles like "Technocracy", "Irreversible" and "New World Order" point to a deep anxiety about modern times. A cavernous moment of reverb that somehow folds into the trifling presence of a machine-like switch in "Wetware" draws the listener back to an unsettling awareness of an existence between a material and a rendered world."

A narrative in the LP is traced via a book housed in the record's packaging, which includes an essay by New York based writer DeForrest Brown Jr. Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess is out on Knives this month. Subscribers can read Steph Kretowicz review via Exact Editions.


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