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New music by Richard Skelton

December 2018

Exclusive stream of one of three new releases by the experimental musician from the Scottish Borders

After recently releasing Front Variations, music for the retreating ice sheets of Iceland, Lancashire born artist Richard Skelton returns to his catalogue of compositions made for the landscapes of Northern England. Two new pieces, A Great Body Rising And Falling and Another Hand, are to be released in January on Skelton's own imprint, Aeolian Editions. Both are representations of “different variants in the development of what Peter Meanwell described in The Wire as ‘land music’, an endeavour informed by archaeology, ecology, folklore and myth.”

Skelton explains below how this piece A Great Body Rising And Falling is a slight departure from his other work:

“Earlier in 2018 I published The Look Away, a novella about a man who becomes lost in the hill country of Northern England. He becomes haunted by the sensation of a great body, ‘massive and restless... rising and falling’ beneath him. This new piece of music is a belated accompaniment to the book, and can be thought of as an attempt to evoke the other-than-human sentience that reside in remote and hidden landscapes. It’s perhaps less drone-oriented than some of my previous work. There’s more silence between the notes, and there’s more dissonance, menace even. In Britain we often think about natural landscapes as places of solace and regeneration, but having explored environments that are further afield recently, I’m increasingly interested in a natural world that is uninterested in, or even inimical to, human life.”

A Great Body Rising And Falling and Another Hand are released by Aeolian Editions on 1 January. Read Richard Skelton's cover feature in The Wire 326.

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