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Listen to Patrick Cowley and Candida Royalle’s Candida Cosmica

October 2016

Dark Entries give us an exclusive listen to archive recordings by Patrick Cowley and Candida Royalle

Candida Cosmica is a collection of recordings made between 1973–75 by disco innovator Patrick Cowley and Candice Vadalla. Cowley met Vadalla, stage name Candida Royalie, in 1972 when he was living in Haight-Ashbury. A singer, actress and art student from Queens in New York, Vadalla took her new name when she began performing in porn films. She went on to work as a music producer, a sex educator, and directed feminist erotic films, before her death in September 2015.

Cowley arranged and recorded the music for Vadalla's shows with The Cockettes splinter troupe The Angels Of Light, as well as performance projects Warped Floors and White Trash Boom Boom. The pair, who were on-off lovers, improvised and recorded together, with Cowley on synthesizers (Serge modular, Electrocomp system, Arp 2600), percussion, modified guitars, and hand-built equipment, and Vadalla on vocals.

These recordings were found on tapes in Cowley’s friend Maurice Tani’s attic. All songs have been remastered for this new LP release which comes with a booklet with previously unseen photos, interviews and sleevenotes from friends, roommates and musical collaborators. It will be released by Dark Entries on 17 October, a date set to coincide with the week that would have marked the pair’s 66th birthdays – Cowley having died in November 1982.

A release party will take place at San Francisco Magazine (15 October) and New York City Print Matter (19)

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