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Listen to Porter Ricks’s first release since 1999

October 2016

Following a 17 year hiatus the duo release their new EP Shadow Boat on Tresor

Following a 17 year hiatus since their 1999 album Symbiotics on Mille Plateaux, sound artist Thomas Köner and music producer Andy Mellwig resume activities as Porter Ricks with the release of their new EP Shadow Boat (Tresor). They plan to follow it with an album sometime in 2017.

During the duo's downtime, Köner has worked as a sound designer and artist exhibiting at museums and galleries around the world, most notably the Pompidou and Louvre in Paris, while Mellwig’s activities have included collaborations with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, Pete Kember of Spacemen 3 and former Monolake member Gehrard Behle.

The return of Porter Ricks on Tresor marks the label and club’s 25th anniversary, which the techno institution have been celebrating through the year with a series of special events, a festival and a new compilation.

Porter Ricks’s Shadow Boat will be released by Tresor on 4 November.


Very Impressive, the 2nd cut is a little uninspired, stll good. 1 especially & 3 have that edge that so many new 'producers' don't seem to grasp (smoothing and doing faddish glithes etc)

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