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Listen: Japanese composer Ryoko Akama

June 2013

Akama's work takes in influences like the work of composers Alvin Lucier and Eliane Radigue, sustained tones and the slippages of language. Read more about it in The Wire 353.

Ryoko Akama
From Akama's series of "prose scores" called Code Of Silence, based on specific words in the Japanese language that are like English onomatapeaic sound words but "explain phenomena that don't have sounds."

Ryoko Akama, Mark Bokowiec, Ian Cabarello and Gregg Scott
An interpretation of Alvin Lucier's 1977 Music On A Long Thin Wire. Performed and recorded at Huddersfield University, 2013.

Ryoko Akama and Dominic Thibault
From a forthcoming album featuring compositions performed solely on an EMS VCS 3 modular synthesizer.