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Listen to Samuel Kerridge's new release Fatal Light Attraction

February 2016

Stream the new album Fatal Light Attraction by Samuel Kerridge, released by Downwards 4 February

Samuel Kerridge’s Fatal Light Attraction premiered at Berlin's Atonal festival in 2015. Working alongside Andrej Boleslavský and Mária Júdová, Kerridge performed the piece through a process of live coding that responded in real time to the audio source to create a light show illusion of moving shadows. “Early 2015 I had a gig in Prague and the promoter invited Andrej and Maria to run with this idea they had for my live show,” explains Kerridge by email. “The video after the performance was impressive and the rest followed. Visuals can distract but lighting can be an extremely powerful tool, so I’m more keen on manipulating a light source to stimulate and enhance the experience.”

Kerridge, who also co-runs the event series and record label Contort with his wife Hayley Walker-Kerridge, mostly recorded and performed all the tracks on Fatal Light Attaction using custom built instruments and synthesizers. One track, “FLA·1”, also features producer Plagium.

Fatal Light Attraction is released by Downwards Records as a double 12" or download on 4 February.

Kerridge's 2015 performance at Shiply's Kirkgate Centre was reviewed by Abi Bliss in The Wire 376. Subscribers can read her piece, along with hundreds of other reviews, features and articles, via The Wire's online archive, hosted by Exact Editions.

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