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Listen to the new Yasushi Yoshida & Kill Alters collaboration on Deathbomb Arc

May 2017

The Osaka vocalist and New York trio premiere their intense session for the Californian label exclusively via The Wire

While touring the US with his band Bonanzas during the autumn of 2015, experimental vocalist/electronic musician Yasushi Yoshida played a show in New York with Kill Alters. The electronic rock trio invited Yoshida to join them the following day at their rehearsal space in Gowanus, Brooklyn, where they recorded a 40 minute improvisational jam. “This was recorded in one take with only a few minor edits to cut it down in length,” say Kill Alters. “No sounds were added post-recording.” The recording has been picked up by Californian label Deathbomb Arc (Clipping, Signor Benedick The Moor, Lana Del Rabies, JPEGMAFIA, Ed Balloon) for release as a digital download under the title Pelvic Floor Limited.

Describing the music as “mutant grime”, Kill Alters elaborate: “Imagine a creature born with pelvic distortion inside of a black hole who is sent to earth to escape a dying planet infested by carnivorous machines made of cyanogenetic tar. This creature grows strong in the sewers of our planet, half alien flesh, half machine, feeding on nephrotoxic materials humans dump into the waterways. This recording is the sound of this creature and its voyage, its rituals, its battles with its enemies.”

Yoshida has been active in the underground music scene in the Kansai area of Japan since the mid-1990s. In addition to Bonanzas, he plays in the jazz/techno ensemble Dantefone and has previously performed in bands such as Spasmom, Suspiria, Nasca Car. Kill Alters started as the cathartic solo project of Bonnie Baxter (aka Shadowbox) who later expanded the line-up to a full band with the addition of Nicos Kennedy and Hisham Akira Bharoocha.

Pelvic Floor Limited features Yoshida on vocals, effects and electronics; Baxter and Kennedy on electronics; Bharoocha on drums and triggers.

Kill Alters play the Protest Stage at Moogfest in Durham, North Carolina on 20 May alongside Wolf Eyes, Container and Pharmakon. Pelvic Floor Limited is released by Deathbomb Arc on 19 May

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