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Listen to three brand new tracks by Kassel Jaeger

June 2017

French author, composer and artistic director of the Groupe De Recherches Musicales shares three pieces from a forthcoming album

Alongside his many other projects and under the pseudonym Kassel Jaeger, François J Bonnet slowly but continuously works on the album series Fragments, a run of digital only releases that form over long periods of time and piece together snippets from his archives of sound material. Following the first edition Fragments — Collected Sounds From Deserted Places, released in 2015, these three compositions are taken from Fragments II — Collected Refrains From Lost Thoughts, which focuses on repetitive forms and micro variations. The sequel will be available in 2018 via Bandcamp.

About the series, Bonnet says, “Composing is only a matter of choices. In electroacoustic music, choices are almost all the time about how to generate a sound and how to combine to one another. These sounds here have been waiting in my hard drives for several long years, available as material for new compositions. But each time I tried to mix them with other sounds, I lost them. Their own music disappeared. The hardest choice to make was to decide that these sounds were already music and that no further move was possible or necessary.”

You can read Robert Barry's interview with Kassel Jaeger in Wire 401. Subscribers can access the digital edition via the online archive.

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