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Listen to tracks by Manongo Mújica

November 2015

Listen to a selection of tracks by the Peruvian percussionist and composer Manongo Mújica, compiled by Buh Records founder Luis Alvarado

“The first real impression of being touched by sound was at the age of five,” recalls percussionist and composer Manongo Mújica in The Wire 382. “I was alone at the beach. All of a sudden my whole body became alive… the sound of the shore breathing was inside me. After a calm, long silence something in me knew that was my call, my duty in life, to discover how to play the sound of the shore. The next step was to find out what kind of instruments would give me this feeling… After a long time, the force of rhythm took me to the world of drums.”

Manongo Mújica is a percussionist and composer from Peru. He is a founding member of the group PeruJazz, a jazz outfit founded in 1984 which fuses Afro-Peruvian and Andean rhythms. His career as a percussionist started in the 1960s when Mújica moved to Vienna with his family. Since then he has worked with artists like Peter Wolf (who later worked with Frank Zappa), the Peruvian group The Mad's and singer Susana Baca. His 1984 album Paisajes Sonores, which was recently reissued on Luis Alvarado's Buh Records, has been touted as the first ambient album to have come out of Peru. Mújica has recently reissued a box set called Huaca Sonora which contains seven CDs and two DVDs consisitng of works made between 1991–2014.

You can read Russ Slater's feature about Manongo Mújica in The Wire 382. Slater is the editor of Sounds And Colours, a magazine about South American music and culture. He also edits a series of books under the same name, including Sound And Colours: Peru.


Manongo Mujica
“Ceremonia Para Nadie (Para ZK)”
From No Bullshit: A Sonic Tribute To Zbigniew Karkowski (1958–2013)
(SONM, 2014)

Manongo Mujica & Douglas Tarnawiecki
“Paisajes Naturales”
From Paisajes Sonoros (1984)
(Buh Records, Reissue, 2015)

Manongo Mujica/Julio Chocolate Algendones/Makella
“Invocación, Canto Elegua”
From Tambores Sagrados (1991)
(Self-released, 2015)

Manongo Mujica & Martin Joseph
From Poemas Instantáneos (1990)
(Self-released, 2015)

Manongo Mujica
From Autorretrato Sonoro (2013)
(Self-released, 2015)

Manongo Mujica
“Lamento De campanas”
From Ceremonia Para Nadie (2015)
(Self-released, 2015)

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