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Listen to live recordings by United Bible Studies

November 2015

Listen to some exclusive live recordings from the free-flowing folk outfit United Bible Studies

David Colohan and James Rider formed free-flowing folk-drone-jazz-noise outfit United Bible Studies in 2000 while studying at the University of Dublin. Since then the group have worked with a shifting cast of collaborators that Colohan estimates at more than two hundred. Currently, the core students are Colohan, Alison O’Donnell (formerly of acid folk ensemble Mellow Candle), Richard Moult, Michael Tanner and Aine O’Dwyer (the multi-instrumentalist responsible for the two acclaimed Music For Church Cleaners albums of church organ improvisations).

In the 15 years since their formation, United Bible Studies have amassed a considerable discography up to and including their most recent album The Ale’s What Cures Ye, which has just been released by MIE. They have also gained a reputation for transcendent, occasionally terrifying, live performances that push at the boundary between the material and spiritual realms. As Colohan tells Ian Maleney in The Wire 382, the group’s name has come to mean “every spiritual path, every religion, every devotional practice being equal”.

The tracks included in this exclusive live set, titled On Søren Jessens Sand, were recorded at various United Bible Studies’ dates across the UK and Denmark in the summer of 2013. On Søren Jessens Sand features the trio of David Colohan, Michael Tanner and Aine O’Dwyer, with additional input from Jean-Daniel Botta Leonore Boulanger, Anna Cochrane David Folkmann Drost, Jeppe Hojgaard, Laurent Series and Calin Torsan (on tracks one and four); Jarred Barron, Matt Leivers, Gavin Prior and Alison O’Donnell (on tracks two, three and five); and Mark Offord (on track two).

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