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Listen to two new releases by drone pioneer Catherine Christer Hennix

February 2016

Previously unreleased Hennix recordings set for release by Important Records this March

Important Records are set to release two new records by drone pioneer Catherine Christer Hennix this March. Live At Issue Project Room sheds light on a lesser known side of Hennix’s work, as it’s her first multichannel computer composition since the 1960s. Her music with drones was strongly influenced by her 1970s work with La Monte Young and Henry Flynt, but some of her earliest compositions were made in Sweden using mainframe computers to generate waveforms. In the 1980s she began collaborating with Russian born mathematician AS Esenin-Volpin, and in 2003 she returned to computer generated waveforms with the piece Soliton(e) Star. Live At Issue Project Room consists of two pieces, Rag Infinity and Rag Cosmosis, that present a flipside to her recent work with just intonation ensemble The Choras(s)an Time-Court Mirage.

Also set for release is Central Palace Music, a 1976 recording of Hennix’s just intonation ensemble The Deontic Miracle. Performed during an eight day festival at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, it features Catherine Christer Hennix on Renaissance oboe and custom sinewave generators, Peter Hennix on Renaissance oboe and Hans Isgren on sheng. It is the first in a promised series of archival Hennix releases from Important. Both new releases can be preordered here.

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