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Listen to a track from Sully's new Vamp EP

February 2016

Stream “Vamp” from Sully's forthcoming release on Black Acre

For this release, Sully aka Jack Stevens turns his attention towards Bristol label Black Acre. A dance producer from Norwich, Sully has had a steady release schedule of bass heavy EPs and 12"s over the best part of the past decade, working on labels such as Frijsfo Beats, Astrophonica and London label Keysound - the latter of which released the producer's only LP Carrier in 2011.

Talking of Vamp, Black Acre say: “Departing from recent junglist output, Sully delivers a distinctly futurist and spacious collection of bangers. “Vamp” is a 6am in the morning drama piece which explodes into a juked-out binary code rinser.”

Vamp is set for release 1 April on Black Acre.

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