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Listen to the new album from Warsaw artist We Will Fail

March 2016

Stream an entire album of anxiety-ridden tracks from Aleksandra Grünholz aka We Will Fail

Warsaw musician and visual artist We Will Fail is set to release a double album called Hand That Heals/Hand That Bites. As its argumentative title indicates, it was conceived as a double set because its two inseparable elements couldn't be contained on the same disc. Hand That Heals/Hand That Bites is as much a techno album as it is a conceptual noise experiment. For the artist this is music for listening rather than dancing, says Aleksandra Grünholz aka We Will Fail. She adds that she came up with the title before any of its tracks were written. The new album is her follow-up to We Will Fail’s 2014 debut album Verstörung and its companion set Verstörung 2.0.

About the music in the Hand That Bites section, Grünholz explains, “This part is ruder, more brutal, stronger, but at the same time more basic. The pulse, the harshness and the anxiety were really important to me. I know that some sounds are even dull. I left some parts dirty, raw. I wanted to show the strength that can seduce and mesmerize at the same time.” In contrast, Hand That Heals focuses on tracks that are “lighter in touch”, she adds. “I was concerned to make compositions that are really refined, full of details [...] I intentionally chose [field] recordings of common situations – overheard conversation, some sounds recorded during travels – that in the same time are notations of specific memories.”

Hand That Heals/Hand That Bites will be released on 14 April by Monotype.


Probs should be hand 'that' bites in the track listing

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