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Listen: Adam Bohman recordings and gallery

September 2014

Adam Bohman playing the cymbals at London's Cockpit Theatre, 1982. Unknown photographer

Bohman’s poster for London’s Bonnington Centre (2005)

Adam Bohman and skulls c1990s

Adam Bohman relaxing outdoors in Brixton, South East London, 1992

Scowling Faces And Geometric Shapes (2004)

A young Adam Bohman atop Paris's Eiffel Tower

Western Comic With Yellow Tinge (2009)

Listen to a selection of recordings and look at pictures and a collection of visual work by artist and musician Adam Bohman, featured in The Wire 368

Daniel Spicer writes in The Wire 368: "For more than 30 years, Adam Bohman has been developing an artistic practice that transmutes the quotidian bric-a-brac of English life into a surreal and often hilarious personal vision. Best known as an improvisor and sound artist, up to now, Bohman’s visual art has had extremely limited public exposure. In fact, it has only really been visible on the concert posters he’s designed over the last couple of decades for the low key improv gigs around London that he has organised or performed at. His style is instantly recognisable: names, dates and venue details written in biro in a cramped and meticulous hand, with crude yet arresting collages of images drawn from magazines, children’s books and junk mail."

Above, listen to tracks from Music And Words 2 (out on Paradigm Discs) and look at a collection of Bohman's art, alongside rare pictures of the artist (all photographs by Jonathan Bohman unless otherwise noted).

Adam Bohman: Drawing And Collages is at London’s Cafe Oto until 26 October.

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