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Listen: Ben Frost tracks

May 2014

Listen to tracks from The Wire 364 cover star, Ben Frost's forthcoming album, Aurora

Ben Frost tells Dan Barrow in The Wire 364: "... the beginnings of Aurora were a reaction to the amount of techno and dance music that I’d been exposed to in the two or three years previous. I remember just standing there and seeing this Richie Hawtin show one night, and realising that everybody in the room was this huge fan of him and I’d literally never heard of the guy... I’d go through weird synth plug-ins and just do searches for anything that said Eurosynths or contained the word rave, or just trying to find the most ridiculous things I could muster, just to push outside of anything that was remotely comfortable.”

Last year Frost collaborated with photographer and film maker Richard Mosse on the score to The Enclave video installation, filmed on infra red film in DR Congo. It was subsequently shown at the 2013 Venice Biennale. Click here to watch a series of films that Mosse made for Aurora.

Aurora is out 26 May on Bedroom Community and Mute.


Ben Frost is fucken bullshit. A Brian Eno endorsement means nothing these days. Boring drill and bass crap.

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