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Listen: unreleased Drew Mulholland tracks

February 2015

Stream tracks made by Mount Vernon Arts Lab's Drew Mulholland, drawing inspiration from the UK's decaying brutalist architecture

Hauntological music pioneer Drew Mulholland writes about his recent compositions: "As a composer and psychogeographer my field is to interpret the environment and the moods, behaviours and memories it evokes. The deliberate deployment of brutalist design and military ideology on bleak and exposed landscape can be seen all over Britain. Many of these structures are atrophying on desolate stretches of coast and woodland. They pepper our landscape and memory, slowly dissolving into the shingle, peat and forest floor. Whether it be the ghost races of WW1 field works, Cold War observation posts or facsimiles of Nazi defence structures, these crumbling monoliths and their locations offer us a meditation on the nature of landscape. Out of my many pilgrimages to take photographs and make recordings of these sites came a new set of guitar pieces, engaging with and reacting to their disintegrating concrete, rusting barbed wire, and desolate locations."

Guitars used: Epiphone SG G400 and Fender Musicmaster. Recorded at GloSpot Sound, Glasgow. Co-produced by John Cavanagh.


Fantastic stuff.

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