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Listen: The Doomed Bird Of Providence exclusive tracks

November 2013

Stream two tracks from The Doomed Bird Of Providence's Blind Mouths Eat album, reviewed by Clive Bell in The Wire 357.

Clive Bell writes: "Sometimes cussedness is an essential virtue for musicians. The Doomed Bird Of Providence’s Mark Kluzek oozes cussedness like sweat. He’s an Australian in exile, assembling a group of Brit players to realise his singleminded vision, which involves Kluzek barking out blacker than black tales of horror and misery from Australia’s early history. Blind Mouths Eat is his second bulletin from the festering underbelly of 19th century Oz."

Blind Mouths Eat is out on Front & Follow on 11 November.


just checking that y'all know the band, 'a hawk and a hacksaw'. they're from new mexico, but have lived in budapest and tromped through romania (which i advise all of you to do someday). they aren't as wordy as our friends doomed bird of providence but are in my opinion much more cohesive, are completely legit, and live they are amazing. probabaly my favorite act out right now. if you are into immersing yourself in another culture, well, in my own critique i dont feel these two tracks do that at all. but still, much love.

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