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Listen: Global Ear Antwerp tracks

September 2013

Stream a selection of tracks by musicians from Antwerp's underground scene, selected by Allon Kaye, label runner of Entr'acte, and co-author with Clodagh Kinsella of The Wire 356 Global Ear.

"Belgium – invaded time and again by armies marching around Europe – used to lack a distinct musical identity, but from 1985–95, with the arrival of a homegrown style, New Beat, and the influential role of Belgian producers on early Techno, all that changed." Kaye and Kinsella look at the Belgian port city's underground scene via Vaast Colson and Dennis Tyfus' (Ultra Eczema label founder) Stadslimiet venue, Radio Centraal, Nema Tog Podruma festival, and the musicians who live and work there.

"Motor Machine"
Jelle De Cremer on vocals and guitar, Vaast Colson on bass, Milan Warmoeskerken on drums. Recorded 2013 by Pascal Deweze.

Mölnbar Av John
"Kaikki Loppunu"
Composed and conducted by John Henriksson, Paris 2013. Mixed by Joel Danell and mastered by Bert Aerts. Released by Yana Foqué and Joke Leonare for De Nachtwinkel.

"Fake Fiestagirl"
from Hiele 12"

"Necst One"
from Living In My Bathroom 12"

"Andean Hillstar"
from Neornithes (forthcoming)

Lieven Martens Moana
"Sweeten The Mango"
Three fragments inspired by a poem by Haunani-Kay Trask. Part of a split lathe cut 7" with Orphan Fairytale.

C. Young
"Cindy Supermarket"
Produced by Milan W.

Originally released on the Milja-ar! birthday compilation (07.11.2012) in an art edition of one copy. Produced by Kris Delacourt.
(No Basement Is Deep Enough)

"Ghabor Eltek"
(No Basement Is Deep Enough)

Orphan Fairytale
"Baby Buddha"
Taken from an untitled split lathe cut 7" with Dolphins Into The Future

Sheldon Siegel
"Vele Hammen Maken Nog Geen Zwijn (III)"
from Throw Down Your Hammer And Sing
Split LP with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jason Roebke and Nate Wooley (Smeraldina-Rima, October 2013)
Sheldon Siegel is Gino Coomans, Erik Heestermans and Gerard Herman.

Bob & Lou
"31.12.1992, 21st Century Mix 10.01.2005"
from The Bob & Lou Tapes
(Ultra Eczema)

Cassis Cornuta
"Live In Palm Beach Bar, Vishakapatnam, India"
from Cassis Cornuta, Recordings 1974–1999
(Ultra Eczema)

Edmond De Deyster
"Reel 02 Excerpt 02"
from Selectie 01
(Ultra Eczema)

from Aeronaut 7"
(Ultra Eczema)

Mittland Och Leo
"Spinning Tires"
from Myland And Lion 7"
(Ultra Eczema)

Orphan Fairytale
"The Secret Whale Graveyard"
from Cassette Van Antwerpen (forthcoming)
(Ultra Eczema)

Vom Grill
"Prootvaders Stempel"
from Relax Most Of Your Muscles 7"
(Ultra Eczema)