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Listen: Global Ear Honduras tracks

March 2013

Listen to a selection of tracks by musicians featured in Louise Morris's article about the DIY music scene in Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, featured in The Wire 349.

Listen to tracks by Honduran rock groups Siddartha, Pez Luna and Sueño Digviana above.

Alfredo Kaegi of rock outfit Sueño Digviana says about 'Tegu' and Honduras: "We are a natural land bridge, an obligatory passing point for cocaine, immigrants, commerce, culture; of musical, cinematographic and fashion trends that somehow get tangled up in Honduras’s idiosyncratic structures... How can it not be a fusion? We are the centre of the new silk road."

Louise Morris's article looking at the DIY music scene in Tegucigalpa – and how artists are reacting to the country's precarious political landscape and life in a dangerous city – is featured in The Wire 349.