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Listen: Global Ear Singapore tracks

September 2014

Stream a selection of tracks by artists featured in Harry Wheeler's article on the music and art underground in the authoritarian city state of Singapore.

Harry Wheeler writes in The Wire 367: "The city state of Singapore is a sprawling metropolis that has devoured almost every green space on the island it occupies. With nowhere left to build on, the only option is to build up. Given its extreme urbanisation, who knows where the large lizards that occasionally scuffle across the pristine pavements sleep? Singapore’s underground culture is also under threat – if only from the spiralling rents in a city where space is at a premium."

Track list

Elintseeker is Fuzz Lee’s audio ship. "Shoreline" is taken from his fist album By The Sea. It features Leslie Low from seminal Singaporean group The Observatory.

Awk Wah
This track is a currently unreleased remix from the album Ava out on Ujikaji Records, made by Shark Fung.

George Chua
"Ecstasies Of Sadhu Sundar Singh"
Chua is a Singapore noise scene veteran – this track was composed especially for The Wire.

Cuba is comprised of sub-culture propagandist Harold Seah, the aforementioned Shark Fung and Ian Woo. The three met when Fung and Woo used to visit Seah’s record shop for experimental music.

"Notes Of Leprosy/What Colour Is Scared"
Koalface is (for this track) Syed Kamran Ali (Harappian Night Recordings) and Cuba “on a food-deprived late night improv session”.

Duran Durian
"Duran Durian"
"Kopitiam Echophonic Modulations"
These pop/fruit lovers are made up of Syed Kamran Ali, Shark Fung and George Chua.


I really loved Elintseeker's track 'Shoreline'. Weightless and suspended in temporality. Mentioned in my blog:

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