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Listen: unreleased Isnaj Dui tracks

March 2015

Stream two unreleased tracks by the West Yorkshire based musician

About the above unreleased recordings, Katie English aka Isnaj Dui writes: "Both of these tracks were recorded one wet and windy evening, using hydrophones to mic up the flutes. A week before recording I'd been talking to a few people about using hydrophones with acoustic instruments and was reminded of what a great effect it has on the sound of the flute, lending it a reedy, distant quality. So I figured I'd revisit this technique. The rhythmic elements were created by finger tapping and a happy accident involving a pencil dropping onto a desk."

Abi Bliss speaks with English in The Wire 374: "Impressions can be deceptive. Listening to Isnaj Dui’s 2014 album Euplexia from my vantage point in West Yorkshire, it seems a natural fit for the area. The CD release on Hibernate’s Rural Colours imprint comes handsomely packaged in cardboard the colour of a winter sky, printed with peat-black ink, while the music’s similarly subdued palette of looped flute, glockenspiel and gentle plucks and buzzes appears distilled from the quiet moorlands, damp climate and hidden details of the Pennine landscape. Yet it’s the work of a relatively recent arrival from London. Having honed her solo music under the Isnaj Dui flag over the last decade (alongside membership of acts including The Doomed Bird Of Providence and Littlebow), Katie English moved to Halifax in 2014 after striking up a relationship with Hibernate’s Jonathan Lees. She now helps run the label."

Isnaj Dui plays at Blackpool’s Other Worlds festival on 10 April and London's Cafe Oto on 17 April

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