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Listen: John Butcher's Trace album

September 2012

Stream the improvising saxophonist's entire Trace album, originally released on cassette by the Tapeworm label. Butcher is the subject of The Wire 344 Invisible Jukebox, tested by Clive Bell.

"Merri" (parts I, II and III) feature Butcher on tenor and soprano saxophones and were recorded in concert 30 October, 2009 at L’Eglise Saint-Merri, Paris by Augustin Muller. "More Of An Urge Than An Idea" is Butcher on saxophone using controlled feedback and piano. It was recorded 10 February, 2010 at Bernie’s Boudoir in London.

The tracks were originally released in 2010 as an album on the Tapeworm cassette label, called Trace. Read Butcher's Portal links here.

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