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Listen: Justin Broadrick tracks

August 2014

Stream new tracks by Justin Broadrick working as JK Flesh, Jesu and Godflesh. Broadrick is the subject of The Wire 367 Invisible Jukebox, tested by David Stubbs.

Justin Broadrick was born in 1969 in Birmingham. Raised by his mother and stepfather, he was exposed to underground music at an early age and formed his first group in his early teens. He soon joined Napalm Death, contributing to their album Scum, before cofounding Godflesh with GC Green in 1988. Elsewhere he has regularly worked with Kevin Martin in groups such as Techno Animal, Ice, Sidewinder and Curse Of The Golden Vampire.

As well as producing and remixing a range of groups and artists, such as Pelican, Jarboe, Pram, Mogwai and Pantera, Broadrick has recorded under a vast array of pseudonyms, across styles that take in various forms of metal, industrial, drone, ambient, electronica and drum ’n’ bass, as well as noise and hiphop. His solo and collaborative projects include Jesu, Pale Sketcher, Council Estate Electronics, JK Flesh, Greymachine, White Viper, The Blood Of Heroes, Zonal and Youpho.

Godflesh disbanded in 2002 but Broadrick and Green have since reformed the group and recorded a new album, A World Lit Only By Fire, released by Broadrick’s Avalanche label this month.


Disconnected Greymachine + HEADACHE/RUINED are
ever nahui best!
love you Justin, don't do shit, plz!

mmmmmm JK Flesh back in style with dat Techno Animal sounding stuff, holy shit yes

also he's a really good looking fellow

Love this guy.

We love your songs!!!
Please never die:)

Great stuff.

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