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Listen: Leaving Records label sampler and Laraaji exclusive

September 2015

Listen to a selection of tracks compiled by the Leaving Records label, including an exclusive Laraaji track

Annotated by Leaving Records label boss Matthewdavid:

"Infinity Immortality"
from Vision Songs
Laraaji is a force in music and in the perception of all things – he's one of my new spiritual mentors. Come let us celebrate infinity together – this is a reminder that all is forever all the time! This amazing stream of consciousness drum machine and keyboard driven tune is a part of the Vision Songs series, previously only self released in small runs, this one in particular was featured on one of the original cassette masters that was sent directly from Laraaji to us during the All In One Peace curation for Leaving.

New an unreleased Cakedog material from Leland Jackson. IMHO the most energetic, authentic and tasteful footwork: it's full of movement and perfect polyrhythmic sequences. There's a reservation about the material that is captivating, something that adheres to a formula but also veers from it. Something for the OG dancers of the movement.

"Alexander Technique"
from A Shapeless Pool Of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended In The Darkness
This is a coveted Smurphy song from her debut A Shapeless Pool Of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended In The Darkness. This is an amalgam, a true trip through the bending, cross-influential electronic genres that make Smurphy such a unique producer. The vocal filtering is way bold, something I love to hear and not implemented so often in this type of hip, fast paced polyrhythmic tune.

Another Leland Jackson joint, but this time from the more introspective Ahnnu moniker. Leland is deserving of the reputation as one of the most exceptional underground electronic producers right now. He is a collagist, a non-conformist, but always feeling with his ear to the pulse. This was supposed to be a *bonus* for his Perception tape earlier this year (a must) – but we are saving it for his full length on LR, so Wire readers get an early sneak peak. Jam this one: an exotic, sleek, and knocking beat from a top-tier experimentalist.

High Wolf
"A Shadow Of Contemplation"
This is a cassette only bonus from our High Wolf release Growing Wild. It is a personal standout for me, more relaxed and drone influenced than the album material perhaps. By the time the beat drops it's quite fitting and welcome. I think it especially complements the over compressed mastering treatment I applied (with High Wolf's consent).


This song "Infinity Immortality" is dope man
is like the celebration of the culte of Dionysos from the Grece antique !
How i can get this track please ??

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