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Listen: new Laura Cannell tracks

July 2015

Listen to new tracks by the fiddle and recorder player

Abi Bliss reviews the UK musician's new album, Beneath Swooping Talons, in The Wire 378: "Open skies can present threat as much as freedom. Arching over flat landscapes such as those in rural Norfolk where Laura Cannell lives and works, they’re the realm of both darting sparrow and arrow-keen hawk: everywhere to go, nowhere to hide. Best take refuge on the ground, where the sky presses down on lanes clasped tightly by hedges. Grey mists bleed into sodden marshes; cirrus cloud wisps mock claggy, frost-edged furrows. The smallest details stand out against the stillness. Solitude offers peace but makes you a target... Bringing together elements from folk, contemporary and early music, Cannell’s approach has been honed over a number of years. Self-taught on folk fiddle and having studied recorder at London College of Music and the University of East Anglia, where she also encountered electroacoustic music, for much of the past decade her main focus was as the sole constant member of Horses Brawl. Although identifiably folk, their four albums and live performances saw them incorporate techniques more familiar to modern composition, while their own songs often grew from melodies found in medieval music."

Beneath Swooping Talons is released by Front & Follow at the end of August

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