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Listen: Laurence Crane compositions

April 2014

Listen to a selection of works by the English composer Laurence Crane, featured in The Wire 362 in an article by Brian Morton.

Born in Oxford in the early 1960s, London based composer Laurence Crane is closely associated with British ensemble Apartment House, with who he's releasing a two disc set of minimalist chamber works via Another Timbre.

"Trio" (1996)
from Chamber Works 1992–2009 (forthcoming)
(Another Timbre)
Performed by Apartment House: Nancy Ruffer on bass flute, Andrew Sparling on clarinet and Philip Thomas on piano.

from Lush Laments For Lazy Mammal
Arranged for electric guitar, acoustic guitar and electric organ by Håkon Stene. The original version was composed for clarinet, cello and electric organ in 1996; this arrangement made in 2013 with Håkon Stene on guitars and electric organ.

"Two Movements For Small Harp" (2002)
from The Uncommon Harp
Performed by Ruth Wall on Celtic harp.

"The Swim"
from Contemporary British Organ Music Volume 1
(SFZ Music)
Original version composed for electric organ in 1992; this version for pipe organ was made in 2008 and performed by Michael Bonaventure.


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Lovely indeed. Find out more about the works at

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