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Listen: Mark Fell track

June 2015

Stream a track by Mark Fell, featured in The Wire 377

Dan Barrow interviews Mark Fell in The Wire 377: “For Fell, the rhetoric around creativity that sees instruments as transparent conduits of musicians’ imaginations merely leads back to “this overbearing Cartesian worldview where we’re determinate controllers of the universe”. It’s an opinion he voiced in his Wire essay: “Users of software packages may say they are drawn to openness, yet the same users demonstrate a much more significant interest in the narrower systems that can be built with them.” The magic lure of so-called open systems, he says now, doesn’t compel him: “For me there’s no such thing as anything that is theoretically transparent or open, and if there was it would be no use to me as an artist.” Every aesthetic decision is an engagement not only with a composer’s own judgements, but with the social and political realities surrounding music’s artificially rarefied sphere. “For me every aesthetic position is also an ideological position: it’s not just this transparent blob of niceness that you either like or don’t like.””

Mark Fell and Gábor Lázár's The Neurobiology Of Moral Decision Making is released by The Death Of Rave


what album is it from?

Brilliant Artist...following him since several years..


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