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Listen: Marshall Allen & Kash Killion track

May 2014

Listen to "Blacken Blues", a track from Marshall Allen and Kash Killion's Two Stars In The Universe album

"Blacken Blues" is a track from Two Stars In The Universe, an album of duets between saxophonist Marshall Allen, the current director of Sun Ra's Arkestra, and the Arkestra’s Kash Killion, on cello, sarangi and bolong. It was recorded during the 2012 Uncool festival, Switzerland, in the living room of festival director Cornelia Müller.

Armin Büttner, a Swiss Sun Ra collector who provided some historical information for Val Wilmer's article on Marshall Allen's experiences in postwar Paris in The Wire 363, formed the one-off label Little Rocket with fellow Sun Ra fan Hubi Horst to release the album.

Two Stars In The Universe, produced in an edition of 250 vinyl copies, is reviewed by Edwin Pouncey in The Wire 364.


!!! Good music don't need words...

I do not understand the language, but I get the emotions.

The universe is energy and we are manifestations of this energy that we sense as mind and body.

Sight and sound energy flows,

And insight grows.

JMR Roxie Boy

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