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Listen: new Helm track

June 2015

Listen to "Sky Wax (London)" a track from Luke Younger's new album

Rob Turner reviews Olympic Mess in The Wire 377: “Again and again the same transition is repeated, as the album slips between the utopian and the real. Younger traces a travelogue through public space, track titles drawing lines between London and New York City, a trip through a commercial no man’s land that recalls the vacant poise of vaporwave. Where Younger departs from work in that vein, though, is in his unwavering orbit back to the industrial and the decayed. Other trips into the simulated and hyperreal, such as Daniel Lopatin’s Eccojams Vol 1 (2010) or Vektroid’s ClearSkiesTM (2013), kept the listener suspended in a bath of virtual ephemera, shot through with nostalgic beams of data. On Olympic Mess the replica glitches and breaks, leaving you to fall through the album’s surface and into its rusted core. The horrorcore of “Often Destroyed” is the engine room beneath the title track’s breezy rush of Balearic beats.”

Olympic Mess is released by Pan


When does it start? Did he just press a button and walk away?

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