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Listen: sounds of Copenhagen's underground

February 2014

Listen to performances recorded at Copenhagen's Mayhem venue, who specialise in putting on gigs by underground acts from Denmark's capital and the rest of the world. Mayhem is featured in The Wire 359 Global Ear article on Copenhagen by Nathan Budzinski.

Mayhem was founded by the artists and musicians Maria Bertel, Tobias R Kirstein, Johns Lund and Sune TB Nielsen. Below they describe what they do:

"Mayhem is a venue for extreme and experimental sound and music run by artist and musicians. It's a hard to find place, situated on the outskirts of Copenhagen. A small place with a big PA, hidden behind grafitti covered walls.

Along with putting on two or three shows a week, Mayhem celebrates two annual festivals: Jazzfest in July and Noisefest in late December. These two festivals tend to unite all the disparate acts that move through the venue in different disguises and combinations.

All the tracks chosen here are live recordings made during Jazzfest 2013 and Noisefest 2013. We have tried to pick concerts that show the broad range of musical strategies that we present. All tracks are made by artists local to Copenhagen and the region (apart from the track by Dylan Nyoukis, who we feel related to)."

Tracks compiled by Mayhem

Mayhem Fanfare

"No" was the official opening fanfare of the Jazzfest 2013: cymbals played by Anton Rothstein (of Lower), Thomas Eiler Vju (of Tigers Milk and SVIN), Toke Tietze Mortensen (of To\To and the Yoyooyoy collective), Tobias R Kirstein (of To\To and Lights People), Simon Latz (Bror med Brødre and Synd&Skam)

Bror med Brødre

Bror med Brødre are made up of the absurdly talented juvenile delinquents Asger Valentin on midi guitar, Bjarke Valentin on trombone, Simon Latz on iPhone, bass drum and steeldrum, Lasse Latz on vocals, Holger Hartvig on mousescore, Asger Hartvig on Saxofon PC, Kristen Landro and Mads Rubin in spirit

To\To are a drum duo made up of Toke Tietze Mortensen and Tobias R Kirstein (performing with Morphosis 1 March, their 12" is released by Cejero in April, and they have a Japanese tour lined up for 9–21 April)

A live performance by Heksehyl, a project of Zven Balslev, a visual artist who's also active with his Cult Pump project (formerly Smittekilde) and the punk outfit Angkor Wrack

Daniel S. Bøtcher
"Momentum For 14" made on a mono reel to reel tape recorder, tonegenerator, and ringmodulator. Bøtcher also has a cassette out on the Posh Isolation label

Puce Mary
A performance by Puce Mary aka Frederikke Hoffmeier who also has released music on Posh Isolation

Dylan Nyoukis & Phil Minton
Nyoukis was doing a solo tape and voval gig but was joined by Phil Minton in this recording. Minton had just dropped by for the performance and decided to join Nyoukis on the spur of the moment

Mayhem Kommune Band
A live mix of field recordings by the Mayhem Kommune Band, using material by Zven Balslev, Lars Lundehave Hansen, Andreas Führer and Sune TB Nielsen. The Kommune Band is comprised of Nielsen (of Lights People) and Andreas Führer (of New Brown and Yoyooyoy)

Easy Rider
A performance by Toke Tietze Mortensen on drums and keyboard, Kristian Poulsen on bass and Jonas Okholm Jensen on vocals

Maria Diekmann & Tobias R Kirstein
Performance by Diekmann on violin and Kirstein riding the sinewaves

Johns Lunds
"The Spiral"
A solo performance by Lunds, using organ, voice and sax

Loke Rahbæk
"Live at Mayhem"
Rahbæk performing a set of vocals and electronics. Rahbæk is one half of Damien Dubrovnik and runs the Posh Isolation label.

Maria Bertel on amplified trombone and Klaus A Hansen on drum machine.

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