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Listen: Pole Reports From Space

March 2015

Listen to two tracks from the compilation collecting new and old music from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio

Pole Reports From Space collects together archival recordings and new commissions from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio on the theme of space. Sultan Hagavik's "Køsmøpølex Forte" and Marcin Cichy's "Test" are both new commissions from Bolt Records's Foundation, 4.99. "Test" is based on samples from a soundtrack to the 1978 film Inquest Of Pilot Prix which was itself based on a short story by Stanisław Lem.

The Polish Radio Experimental Studio was founded in 1957, and like other electronic and experimental radio stations, frequently produced interpretations of the sounds of deep space, alien sound effects and the whirrs of the future. Pole Reports From Space is compiled and partly commissioned by Bolt Records.

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