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Listen: Radiophrenia sounds

April 2015

Listen to a selection of work from a week of broadcasts, transmitted as part of the Radiophrenia project out of Glasgow's CCA

In The Wire 374 sound artist and radio producer Mark Vernon explains to Stewart Smith the motivation behind his Radiophrenia project, a temporary FM art radio station which broadcast live from Glasgow’s CCA last April: “I really like the possibility of accidental listeners spinning through the dial and coming across something completely unexpected. Podcasts and webcasts are all well and good, but people have to deliberately listen to them. Of course there are existing art radio stations like Resonance FM and Sound Art Radio, which are great, I contribute to their broadcasts quite often. But I thought it was about time that Scotland had something similar, and this might be the first stage in that.”

From 13–19 April Radiophrenia broadcast across Glasgow from the CCA on 87.9FM. The tracks streaming above were some of the projects featured during that week.


great stuff going down at Radiophrenia, looking forward to the 2017 broadcast!

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