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Listen: Rhodri Davies recordings

October 2014

Stream two tracks by the composer and harpist Rhodri Davies

In The Wire 368, Julian Cowley reviews Rhodri Davies's new album, An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance and his recently remastered Pedwar series: "The engrossing music on An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance matches the lucidity of that title while appearing to connect at a still deeper level with various African traditions of playing the harp. Davies settles obsessively on tumbling phrases, arpeggios and articulate rhythms, turning them over and over, letting them develop only within strict limits, as though this fine, prolific and adventurous musician is freshly discovering a harp that has been there all along."

An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance and Pedwar are out on alt.vinyl.


Tripped on a lazy halfhearted attempt at trying to figure out what was going on gave in enjoyed the enjoyable wise

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