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Listen: title track from new Gnod album

February 2015

Listen to the title track from the Salford collective's forthcoming Infinity Machines album

Gnod are based around Salford’s Islington Mill, where various members live, rehearse and record. More than 30 musicians have passed through the collective since they started in 2007 and early jam sessions would involve up to 16.

The current incarnation includes longstanding members Chris Haslam and Paddy Shine with Marlene Ribeiro, Alex Macarte and Andy Blundell. Since starting out Gnod have put out 20-plus label releases and CD-Rs.

Infinity Machines is their latest album, recorded at Islington Mill and released by Rocket Recordings on 20 April.


Joy so looking foreward to having this

Brilliant Gnod as usual, buy them all

This band needs to tour America!

This band needs to tour America!

Fucking yes! Paddy from Gnod has contributed to the first ever Rail Cables compilation! New music inspired by train Paddy's tune here:

Insane, unintelligible rubbish.

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