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Mattin MP3

February 2010

Check an exclusive track by Mattin

Listen to "Reveal The Structure" which will appear on Mattin's forthcoming LP Exquisite Corpse coming out on Parts Unknown

The track features Loy Fankbonner on drums, Margarida Garcia on electric double bass, Kevin Failure on guitar and Mattin on vocals. Recorded by Dougie Bowne & Ivan Julian at NYHED, NYC 27 February 2009. Anti-copyright

The concept, as outlined by Mattin in his own words:

"What makes this record an exquisite corpse? Margarida, Kevin and Loy were given the lyrics to these ten "songs" only two days before the recording, and each of them recorded separately - consecutively - without hearing or even seeing each other. They were only given one chance to record their parts for each song, so what you hear on this record consists entirely of first takes. This way, as with all improvisation, there was no way back: the moment is what matters and if you record it, it's there forever. I hate telling people what to play, just as I hate other people telling me what to play, so each of the musicians on this record played whatever the fuck he or she wanted to. Contrary to the usual way rock 'n' roll records are recorded (first drums, then bass, then guitar and finally voice) I started by recording the voice; then Kevin recorded his guitar and piano without hearing me; then Margarida recorded her bass, again without hearing anything of what Kevin and I had done previously; and finally Loy added his drums without reference to any of the other musicians' tracks. The only thing that we had in common was the lyrics, which functioned as a graphic score or, if you like, as a way of setting a mood for each song. Oh, yes, and we all had to conform to the stereotypical duration of a rock song - three minutes - which also happens to be the ideal length for one side of a vinyl without losing any volume. Once the tracks were recorded, I simply laid them on top of each other on the laptop, and did a very direct mix without moving or taking anything away... so as to let the exquisite corpse vomit the new wine!"

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