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Listen to two tracks from the new Mythos Of Violins project

April 2016

Laura Cannell and Angharad Davies have started a new collaboration under the name Mythos Of Violins. The pair will be touring the project this spring

Mythos Of Violins is a new collaboration between Welsh violin player Angharad Davies and English fiddle player Laura Cannell. Inspired by the ancient landscapes, myth and folklore of their respective homelands, Mythos Of Violins is the duo’s platform for a meditative performance of improvised violin playing.

“In over 1000 years the skeleton of the violin has not changed,” says the duo’s press statement. “Its angles may be steeper and its bow longer, but when a bow is drawn over gut or steel, in that action, in that moment there is access to another world.”

Davies's “Iechyd O Gylch (Health All Round)” was recorded by Simon Reynell on 9 October 2014 at Capel y Graig and features Steve Beresford on harmonium. Cannell's “Nordhalla” was recorded at Suffolk's Covehithe Church in January 2016. About that track, Cannell says: “Covehithe Church is located on the top of a fast eroding cliff just 250 metres from the shoreline and is a small parish church within the walls of the great medieval church of St Andrew which was ruined during the Civil War.

“Covehithe was known in the Domesday book as Nordhalla and is said to be haunted by a white faceless lady dressed in a traditional shroud [...] By allowing the environment in, it feels as though the haunted nature (whether real or imagined) of the place always seems to emerge through the sound – especially in instant composition or improvised performance.”

Mythos Of Violins was co-commissioned by PRS for Music’s Beyond Borders and AC Projects. Three performances will take place in Scotland, England and Wales. Starting on neutral territory at Glasgow's Counterflows festival, the first performance was commissioned by Alasdair Campbell of AC Projects and Counterflows, and is set to explore St Peter’s Seminary at Cardross.

Cannell and Davies will perform on the following dates: Glasgow University Chapel (7 April), Haleswoth The Cut Of Arts Centre (28 May) and Aberystwyth Capel Y Graig Artspace (11 June).


Exquisite. Have played Cannell on my show and I look forward to the label getting intouch so people on the WEST coast of USA hear this wonderful music

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