The Wire


Office Ambience #349

February 2013

Stream a selection of tracks that were played in The Wire HQ during the production of our March 2013 issue #349.

Negative Approach
Negative Approach
(Touch And Go)

Shuggie Otis
Inspiration Information

Decoy with Joe McPhee
Spontaneous Combustion

Blank Realm
Go Easy

Sane Men Surround
(Savoury Days)

Billy Bao
Buildings From Bilbao
(Burka For Everybody)

Oh No New York
(Death Of Rave)

Hair Police
Mercurial Rites

Jorge Velez
MMT Tape Series: Home Recordings 1996–1999
(Rush Hour)

Overhang Party
The Complete Studio Recordings

David Rosenboom
Life Field

The Temple (Of Prince)

Fujimoto Tetsuro
Sketches Of The Other Tokyo

Ensemble Pearl
Ensemble Pearl
(Drag City)

Topographical Interference