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Office Ambience #358

November 2013

Listen to a selection of tracks from the albums that we listened to during the production of The Wire 358 December issue.

The Velvet Underground
The Legendaly Guitar Amp Tapes
(No label)

Pelt Part Wild Gate
Hung On Sunday

Robert Wyatt

John Rangecroft/Marcio Mattos/Dave Tucker
The Paulinus Trio
(Creative Sources)

Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet


Bass Clef
Acid Tracts
(Magic & Dreams)

Shit And Shine

Dale Cornish
Fleshpile Thematic

NNN Cook
(Bl)end User
(Bezoar Formations)

Aaron Dilloway
Opened Door
(Chondritic Sound)

Half Machine From The Sun: The Lost Chrome Tracks From 79–80
(King Of Spades)

Beyond Inversion
(Accidental Guest)

Blank Realm
Grassed In

The Fall
The Remainderer
(Cherry Red)

Compiled by The Wire Sound System. We welcome charts from record shops, radio shows, DJs, venues, labels, musicians, blogs, readers, etc. Email a top 15 to


Brilliant thanks ... mind opening

Moderate red
Groovy papas
Momma a bracken aur

Flaying with iron

Opened Door is sooo good

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