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Office Ambience #362

March 2014

Stream some of the tracks that we've been listening to over the past month at Wire HQ.

Live At Wrocklodge, 27 Oct 1990

Aleksi Perälä
The Colundi Sequence 1&2/Mental Union/Ovuca Bonus

Horace Andy
Get Wise
(Pressure Sounds)

Sleaford Mods
Divide And Exit
(Harbinger Sound)

Piedmont Apocrypha
(Three Lobed)

Bo Anders Persson
Love Is Here To Stay
(Subliminal Sounds)

Kassem Mosse
Workshop 19

Andrea Belfi/David Grubbs/Stefano Pilia
Dust & Mirrors
(Blue Chopsticks)

’Abd Al-Hayy Hilmi
An Anthology
(Arab Music Archiving & Research Foundation)

Mestre Cupijó
(Analog Africa)

Francis Harris
Minutes Of Sleep
(Scissor & Thread)

Alexandre Babel

Oberman Knocks
Dilankex (Autechre Remix)

The Isley Brothers
"The Highways Of My Life"
played simultaneously with

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