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Dean Roberts Exclusive Podcast

Hear a special mix by Dean Roberts

Nomadic New Zealand avantist Dean Roberts has provided a 60 minute mix for Wire readers. Download it here.


Camberwell Now - Spirit Of Dunkirk from All's Well
Fats White - Despirate Man
Paul H Lacosta - Not Whistling DIXIE
Skeptics - Agitator from Skeptics
John Wall - Stunde Null (I) from Alterstill
The Terminals - Vertigo from Last Days Of The Sun
The Nels Cline Singers - Cause for Concern from Instrumentals
Eugene Carchesio - Track 09
Arthur Russell - Losing my taste for the nightlife
Caetano Veloso - Araca Azul from Aracá Azul
Anne Briggs - Blackwater Side from A Collection
08 - These Immortal Souls - You
Terre Thaemlitz - lovebo02
The Gordons - Adults And Children from 1st Album
Ut - Canker from Griller
Biota - Reckoning Falls from Object Holder

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