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Pekka Airaksinen shares previously unheard recordings

April 2018

The Finnish musician digs out some unreleased celestial and classical inspired sounds

Finnish record label Svart recently released 50th Erection I: Collected Works 1967–70; a compilation of archive recordings by controversial performance group The Sperm. Electronic music composer Pekka Airaksinen was a member of the short-lived group, along with Mattijuhani Koponen, Ilkka Lehtinen, Peter Widén and many others. The group disbanded when it was felt they had too far distanced themselves from the principles of a music and performance underground. Airaksinen then embarked on his own musical projects, composing psychedelic jazz infused electronic works inspired by a newly adopted Buddhist practice. Extremely prolific, he has released over thirty solo albums since the early 1970s. These ten tracks are all unreleased direct from the composer's own archive. He gives some details about them below:

““M59”, “M60”, “M61” and “M62” are astronomical pieces” he explains. “They are from [18th century French astronomer] Charles Messier's catalog, which is a collection of 108 nebulae, stars and galaxies. It was a test for myself, to see if I could write 108 compositions of stars. They were recorded 1979-1980. “Homgreig 1” is a sample of homages to classical music. I have enough for 4 CDs. This one uses themes from Grieg or Tschaikovsky. “Ousss”, “Lung”, “Nepa”, “Sine” and “Flute Shitro” are all from last year.”

Pekka Airaksinen was interviewed in The Wire 411. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.

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