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Phantom Chips shares recordings from Novas Frequências

February 2018

Tara Pattenden digs out some audio from her residency at the Brazilian festival last year

For four weeks during December 2017, experimental noise and electronics instrument builder and performer Tara Pattenden, aka Phantom Chips, took up residency at Rio de Janeiro's Novas Frequências Festival.

Whilst in residence, the UK based inventor performed with a new participatory instrument she created there and led a workshop in building one of her existing instrument models, The Phantom Detector. “[The Phantom Detector] is an EMF (electromagnetic frequency) detector that creates noise depending on the amount of electromagnetic activity”, Pattenden explains. “Over two days we learnt about building electronics through prototyping then soldering the phantom detector… let the ghost hunting begin. Leandra Lambert, one of the musicians who attended the workshop is already using the phantom detector in her live setup.”

These three tracks are a sample of sketches Pattenden recorded while composing and rehearsing during those four weeks. “All [were] recorded at Rebel Audio in true gambiarra spirit using just a phone to capture the room ambience,” says Pattenden. “I'm creating entropic rhythms with a range of instruments (some self built) including Tidal Cycles, The Phantom Detector, two Noisy Bstrds with light control, and an analog HD2. These tracks are not presented as finished works; instead they are experiments with new ideas and new instruments that will lead to new recordings.”

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