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Wire Playlist: Robert Haigh

February 2018

To accompany the release of his most recent solo album, the musician formerly known as Omni Trio has compiled a playlist of influential compositions for piano

Though his productions over the years have spanned many genres, UK musician Robert Haigh has always been focused on one instrument in particular. From his earliest industrial experimentations as SEMA, through his forays into jungle and drum and bass as Omni Trio in the 1990s, and now with his latest album of ambient works, the Sheffield born, Cornwall based artist has always used the piano as his starting point.

“The piano is essentially a percussive instrument but it’s capable of the most fluid extended voices” says Haigh, speaking to Simon Reynolds in The Wire 409. “It can produce thunderous bass tones alongside the most intimate and fragile top notes. I also like the fact of its self-containment and independence. This makes it a great tool for improvisation, which is the basis for most of my writing.”

“This is a collection of piano based tracks (and artists) that have had some influence on my sound over the years” Haigh explains. “If I was asked to do it again in a month I’m sure that some of them would be different - but these are the ones which came to mind today.”

Subscribers can access Simon Reynolds's full interview with Robert Haigh via the online archive.


a fine surprise and clearly a selection for all to bliss out with.

So good. The first time I listened to the Budd+Eno piece was when watching the Albert Falzon "Kumbha Mehla" VHS video back in 1987. Filmed in India and through the waterways of Kashmir, this is a beautiful video release that unfortunately never made it to DVD or BluRay.

Sublime selection!

Peace Piece by Bill Evans was a game changer for me the first time I heard it in the 70's. I actually heard John McLaughlin's version of Blue In Green first and then explored the original by Bill Evans on Portrait In Jazz which led me to Everybody Digs Bill Evans, two timeless, eternal albums. Nice collection here. Beautiful.

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