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Preview Lea Bertucci's latest LP

February 2018

The US composer continues her experiments with alto saxophone on Metal Aether

Lea Bertucci is a New York based musician specialising in experimental composition for alto saxophone and bass clarinet. As a sound artist who has previously studied film and photography, she is interested in building multichannel sound pieces and incorporating the acoustics of a space. Using a tape machine, Bertucci weaves field recordings, samples and feedback into her music and performances.

Since 2012 Bertucci has released seven recordings via various labels, including Obsolete Units and Clandestine Compositions. Her latest LP Metal Aether will be released on 9 February by Vermont’s NNA Tapes.

Lea Bertucci's Metal Aether was reviewed by Julian Cowley in The Wire 409. Subscribers can access the full review via the online archive.


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