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Preview tracks from the new Dedekind Cut release

January 2018

Fred Welton Warmsley III’s second album is a subdued ambient work named after Lake Tahoe

Californian producer Fred Welton Warmsley III recently dropped his prolific Lee Bannon moniker to concentrate on his new persona, Dedekind Cut. Whilst swapping names, Warmsley has also changed production styles, drifting away from his early hiphop productions featured in releases such as 2010's Fantastic Plastic and toward his current commitment to a cinematic, ambient sound. Other releases include $uccessor LP via Non Worldwide, several self-released EPs, and a host of collaboration with producers and composers such as Chino Amobi, Mica Levi, Rabit and Yves Tumor.

Tahoe recordings work as a crossing guard from the present into the unlearnable omniscient universe,” says Warmsley. “The title represents true home, and is about not getting what you want externally but getting rid of your need for it internally.”

Tahoe is released by Kranky on 23 February.

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